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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Winning Headlines

Winning Headlines
When it comes to winning phrases, one type can be particularly important to
construct thoughtfully: headlines. Good headlines can double your conversion
rate simply by keeping the reader on the page, so that they actually get the
chance to see your pitch. Bad headlines can push the reader away, making it
impossible to close a deal, no matter how good the rest of the copy is.
In addition to headlines being “good” and “bad,” they also need to set the tone for
the rest of the salesletter. That is, they need to be crafted in a way that will move
the reader in the correct direction.
Below, we will consider some examples for winning headlines by theme:
Controversial Headlines:
Everything You’ve Learned About [Topic] Is Wrong. Find Out How to Correct
Your Mistakes, Get on the Right Path, and Learn Everything about [Topic] by
Next Week.
Until Today, Your Life Was Missing Something Important. You Were Unhappy,
Unsuccessful, and Undirected. Learn What You—and Most People You Know—
are Doing Wrong When it comes to Achieving Success, Making Money, and
Finding Love.
Stop Wasting Your Time. Stop Doing It Wrong. Find Out the Secret to Success
and Happiness, and Apply It to Your Business, Your Relationships, and Your
Daily Life.
What If I Told You That a Single Mistake is Costing You $200,000 Each Year?
And What If I Told You How to Fix that Single Mistake by Tomorrow Afternoon?
Read on to Find Out How.
Everything You’ve Heard from an Internet Marketing Guru is Wrong. And It’s
Wrong on Purpose. They Don’t Want You to Learn. Read on to Find Out Why.
Believe It or Not, but [Accepted Belief in Industry/Topic] is False. Everyone
Believes it is True, But it Isn’t. Read on to Find Out the Shocking Truth that They
Don’t Want You to Know.
To You, Nothing is More Important than Your Health. To Them, Your Health is
Less Important than Your Cash. Find Out How to Keep Yourself Alive and
Healthy, Even When [Company/Industry] Won’t.
Money Isn’t the Root of All Evil. [Industry/Idea] Is. Find Out How [Industry/Idea] is
Corrupting Your Life, Ruining Your Career, and Leading You Down a Path of
Hopelessness and Despair.
It Doesn’t Take Money to Make Money. In Fact, You Can Become a Millionaire
with an Investment as Small as $7. Read On to Find Out How Others Have Done
It—And How You Can, Too